10 Money Making Hobbies For Men

As technology becomes increasingly intertwined with our daily lives, many people are searching for a way to release the stress that can come from a constant connection to the world.

Finding a new hobby can be a great way to redirect stress and channel it into a productive outlet. Beyond helping to lower your blood pressure, discovering and exploring a new hobby can also help you achieve financial gains.

Money making hobbies for men are no longer limited to those that result in a final product. Creating in-demand content and showcasing it on your personal website can lead to a steady stream of traffic, which can then be monetized in a variety of ways.

This means that any number of hobbies can become lucrative if the right approach is taken.

Ten Profitable Hobbies for Men

1. DIY: Doing it yourself can include remodeling the kitchen, fixing the toilet, building a rocking chair, or designing the landscape surrounding your home. There’s no need to become Bob Villa overnight, but documenting your progress can attract plenty of readers. Becoming a knowledgeable source for at-home projects is a tremendous accomplishment, as well as a business asset.

2. Music: Whether you’re interested in writing, performing, broadcasting, or just sharing your favorites, music is a broad and easily relatable hobby. Turning music into a hobby can include collecting records, singing karaoke, or hosting an online radio program. With genres and artists that span centuries, the possibilities are endless.

3. Video Games: Xbox, PS3, MMORPG’s, Atari, Facebook. Playing video games has become so popular that certain companies have decided to limit the amount of time its customers are able to play each day or have capped the amount of money that can be spent each month. With such a tremendous audience, it only makes sense that video games would be an incredibly profitable hobby market.

4. Automotive: Most new cars are built with specialized internal computer systems. This has made waves in the self-repair industry, which is clamoring for open books and Right to Repair laws. Whether you have an antique sitting in the garage ready for a restoration, or you’re interested in figuring out complex new technology, automotive hobbies are sure to hit a wide audience.

5. Hunting and Fishing: Perhaps touted as the manliest of manly hobbies, outdoorsmen can be found in every corner of the globe. With such an established, yet diverse, hobby, there are numerous topics to cover. Fly fishing or bait? Rifle or bow? From exploring the best ammo to the best rod, reeling in an audience should be no problem.


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6. Sports: A close second to hunting and fishing, sports are absolutely a favorite male pastime. Depending on your preference, this hobby type can be thought to include standard sports like baseball, hockey, and football, or it can extend to include those usually aired on ESPN’s sister stations. Popular sports are sure to attract many readers, but those like bowling, surfing, biking, curling and paint balling, can also be relied on to draw in a crowd. In fact, they may be better business choices, as niches are generally less competitive in those areas.

7. Model or R.C. Vehicles: Planes, trains, and automobiles will never cease to be idealized by many. For some, the connection was made as a young boy painting model cars with his father or flying airplanes in a field with friends. Others picked up an interest later in life, either as a way to pass time or just for fun. Although models and remote control vehicles may currently resemble each other, they are moving in diametrically opposed directions. Models are increasingly anachronistic while remote control vehicles become linked to cell phones and computerized controllers with voice activation. Although models may be seemingly outdated, in reality, their datedness only increases their value for many. Either way, both are solid choices.

8. Collecting: War memorabilia, sports cards, coins, stamps, and comic books are all historically well-collected items. Doomsday preppers have even started referring to themselves as collectors, stockpiling dry and canned goods in case of global catastrophe. Between the actual values of particular collections to the value of the content to be created, this hobby can easily generate revenue.

9. Homebrewing: Local and micro-brews have become quite popular among beer and wine enthusiasts. Whether you’re looking to brew to save money or to find the perfect taste, creating your own beer or wine at home can be a great new money-making hobby. Sharing your techniques with the world can not only help other homebrewers, but can potentially finance your next batch.

10. Photography: Original Ansel Adams prints sell for thousands upon thousands of dollars. Although your photos aren’t likely to fetch such prices anytime soon, that doesn’t mean photography can’t be profitable. In and of itself, the hobby is quite diverse. Beyond choosing the theme of your photo, landscapes, portraits, or action photos, there’s also the equipment list. Photography has evolved tremendously over the years, and though high megapixel digital prints are widely in demand, photos taken with a spontaneous Lomography cameras often provide charming and unique results.

How To Make Money With Your Hobby

The fact of the matter is that nearly any hobby can be used to generate a profit if you have the correct tools to do so. Partnering with a company like SiteBuildIt (SBI) can ensure that every step you take is towards becoming a profitable and successful online business.

With SBI, there’s no need to learn complex programming techniques, no need to worry about which marketing tactics to employ, and no need to spend countless hours trying to generate traffic to no avail. This means you’ll get to enjoy greater exploration of your hobby without the hassle of doing the business end on your own.

Money making hobbies for men can be anything you want them to be, which means your online business, too, can be as successful as you want. Being able to get paid for doing something you love is priceless, and since SBI offers a risk-free trial, there’s really nothing to lose.

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